Family protection

The COVID19 pandemic rearranged our lives in many ways and shined a light on some important challenges in our everyday life. Nowadays a greater focus is being given to the family and times spent with the beloved ones. The quality and quantity of time. We are facing with issues that were here before, we just missed to take them seriously. The most vulnerable age group is the elderlies. Even if they did not have to be cared before because they could look after themselves properly, now we all are intended to pay more attention to them. It can cause problems, though, if we live further away from our elderly ones or if the necessary to-dos require more time from the daily routine as we expected, or it is not compatible with our working hours. We can replace that with the support of the social network or alternatively with hiring a caregiver, but it is still not like that if we could take care of our parents.

Moving together can be an option, under the appropriate circumstances, of course.

What advantages does this option have? Being close to each other, and the family’s togetherness can give the feeling of security to the everyday life that cannot be replaced. Caretaking gets easier and it can smoother be implemented in the daily routine, as well. We usually say, “the old one comes in handy” – their wisdom and lifetime experience can be a huge help around the kids and the household. If they have a lot of free time, one of the best solutions is to give them things to do. We can use the financial resources that became available for something else, as we do not have to pay for lunch, cleaning or any other social services. At the same time, can childcare and household issues be usefully resolved.

How does the optimal property look like for more generation?

It is top priority that every single person has enough space so that they can keep their privacy. In multi-generation properties this is rarely a problem. One of the basic conditions of a pleasant and comfortable stay is to have a suitable sized garden. Based on the knowledge of the elderly, we can even have a kitchen-garden. It is fortunate if we can establish a separate apartment for our family member with a separate bathroom and a kitchenette. This way, we can maintain the feeling of separation, but still, we can be sure to be close to our beloved ones.

How much is a multi-generation property cost?

Indeed, these kinds of properties cost more as opposed to the regular ones. But do not forget that their retain value is significant. In these cases, usually two families move in together who have lived in separate apartments and households before. Selling these two properties can comfortably cover the new, bigger properties price. If we keep that also in mind how much benefits the moving in has for the family, we cannot even express it in money value.

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